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More About Me



Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a process in which therapist and patient walk alongside each other on the path towards self-understanding.  The creation of a rich therapeutic relationship, in which a common language is developed, allows for deep exploration and the ability to probe concerns that have been left unaddressed.  Patients testify that this process produces an alleviating effect upon depression, anxiety and other symptoms. 

My Process


While most patients come to therapy in order alleviate distressing symptoms in their lives— symptoms such as anxiety, fear, addiction, and obsessional thinking—my process moves beyond addressing just the symptom.  If we listen to what a symptom is trying to communicate, we can not only minimize that symptom itself, but also understand the true source of the issue that is longing to be heard.  This process helps an individual grow and develop their ability to think and feel such that they have better ability to find happiness, fulfillment and contentment. 

  • Certification in psychoanalytic & psychodynamic therapy from the Wright Institute Los Angeles

  • Clinical Psychologist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Doctorate from Pacifica Graduate Institute

  • Supervising Faculty at the Wright Institute Los Angeles

  • Supervising Faculty at the Valley Community Counseling Clinic

  • Known for her warmth and intuitive style

  • Enables individuals to make emotional contact with their authentic inner experience

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